We are aware of 94 classmates who have died (below), 15 since our last reunion in 2019. We expect to add information about at least some of these classmates before our 50th, but if you have information or photographs to share, please let us know. Click on a name to leave memories or other comments.
As we refine the events and schedule for our 50th, look for information on this page (and elsewhere on this web site) about a memorial service at the reunion. 
By Year Deceased Alphabetically Yearbook Photo

Mike Aheron (Deceased 2004)  
James Anadell (Deceased 2008)
Jonathan Ballon (Deceased 2017)  
Roger Baxter (Deceased 2016)
Marc Beckerman (Deceased 1991)
William Black (Deceased 2003)  
Christopher Bloomsburgh (Deceased 1990)
Michael Blumer (Deceased 1986)
Anne Bocckino (Deceased Year Unknown)
Tim Bock (Deceased 1992)  
Michael Boland (Deceased 2023)  
Maryclare Brahney (Deceased 2021)  
James Brewer (Deceased 1986)
Martin Britsch (Deceased 2019)  
John Carney (Deceased 2012)
Steven Chaney (Deceased 1994)
Rosalyn Cobb (Deceased 2003)  
William Cohn (Deceased 2022)  
Dwight Collins (Deceased 1992)
Renee Cox (Deceased 2015)  
Bruce Daniel (Deceased 2018)
Kathryn Demmer (Deceased 1995)
Frances Detweiler (Granatino) (Deceased 2020)  
Holly Dorst (Deceased 2015)
Craig Eddy (Deceased 2016)  
Gary Fader (Deceased 2013)
Scott Ferguson (Deceased 2022)  
Maudellen (Nell) Forbush (Deceased 1973)  
Robert France (Deceased 2001)
Joan Franzini (Deceased Year Unknown)
Robert Frascino (Deceased 2011)  
Robert Fry (Deceased 2016)  
Charity Fujii (Deceased 2006)
Earl Gibson (Deceased 1995)
Richard Goddard (Deceased 2023)  
Nathan Golger (Deceased 1973)  
Philip Green (Deceased 2011)
Frank Hinnant (Deceased 1998)
Gordon Hylton (Deceased 2018)  
Gary Isaacson (Deceased 2020)  
Joseph Jabailly (Deceased 2004)
Luther Jones (Deceased 1994)
Frederick Kaplan (Deceased 1989)
Karen Knirsch (Deceased 2021)  
Nancy Lee (Deceased 2019)  
George Lewis (Deceased 2014)
John Mahnke (Deceased 2016)  
William Maiben (Deceased 2012)  
Joe May (Deceased Year Unknown)
Douglas Mayer (Deceased 2000)
Ross Merrill (Deceased 2010)
Joan Moore (Deceased 2017)
Paul Mosley (Deceased Year Unknown)
John Murdock (Deceased Year Unknown)
Bruce Patzer (Deceased 2015)  
Keith Pease (Deceased 2022)
James Pechaitis (Deceased 2017)  
Mark Perry (Deceased 1980)
Larry Peterson (Deceased 2013)  
Peter Picerno (Deceased 2019)
Margaret Pierce (Deceased 2013)
Laurie Polk-Neal (Deceased Year Unknown)
Mary Purrington (Deceased 2002)
John Rembisz (Deceased 2008)
Nancy Rhoden (Deceased 1989)  
Cheryl Robertson (Deceased 2013)
E. Wayne Robinson (Deceased 1997)
Willa Rogers (Deceased 1973)
Michael Rowan (Deceased 2006)  
Jeannette Schloss (Deceased 1978)
Peter Schweitzer (Deceased 2023)  
Deborah Seim (Deceased 2013)
Nancy Smith (Deceased 2020)  
Bruce Spector (Deceased 2023)  
Mark Sperling (Deceased 1987)  
John Steele (Deceased 2011)
Katherine Stenslie (Deceased 2020)
Lairold Street (Deceased 2013)
James Taylor (Deceased 1973)  
Steven Thompson (Deceased 2004)  
William Trapp (Deceased 2004)
Edward “Carl” Turner (Deceased Year Unknown)
Paul Utgoff (Deceased 2008)
Deborah Waitz (Deceased 2008)
Robert Walker (Deceased 1992)
Jerry Wallack (Deceased 2015)  
Phyllis Waltman (Deceased 2017)  
Margaret Wear (Deceased 2011)  
Elizabeth Wilkins (Deceased 2000)
Grace Wilson (Deceased 1999)
Donna Wyszomierski (Deceased Year Unknown)  
David Yeagley (Deceased 2014)  
Clifford Young (Deceased 1994)
Anda Zirnitis (Deceased 2016)  

If you are aware of a Classmate who should be added to this page please let us know.